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Music and sound are powerful tools for storytelling which can impact any project. Whether it’s inspiring, heartfelt, or just plain eerie, the right music and sounds will enhance the viewer's experience. In my time in the industry, I’ve managed to create luminous sounds and express music in unimaginable ways. Take a look around the site, and explore what the gifts of music and sound truly will offer.

Member of the Screen Composers' Guild of Canada since 2016.

Member of SOCAN since 2020.

What I Do

Enhancing the Project

Music Composition

Original music composition, mixing, and mastering for any type of project. Take a look at some of these amazing compositions, and listen to all that they have to offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sound Editing

Sound editing and mixing for any type of project in any type of medium (theatre, television, internet, etc). Take a look at my past work to hear how the right sound can impact any story. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Production Sound Mixing

Production sound mixing for numerous industrial and fiction projects. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Musical Works

Symphonies of Sound


Melodies For Life

A Hero Returns

Musician Playing Chello


Music For Intrigue

The Empty Chair

Sheet Music


Colours For Adventure

Music Medley



Brett Morreau

Brett Morreau is a Canadian film score composer and sound editor, designer, and mixer currently residing in Los Angeles, California.


A versatile musician, Morreau began learning to play the piano from an early age, completing his way through the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music’s piano performance program by the time he finished high school. Along with the piano, Morreau spent several years learning to play the clarinet while in high school and all throughout university.


In 2013, Morreau completed an Honours Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition as well as a Bachelor of Arts Major in Film Studies at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. He is furthering his musical composition education by studying in the Film Scoring program offered by UCLA in Los Angeles, California (to be completed by September 2020). In 2016, he also graduated with a Diploma in Film Production from the Toronto Film School.


Since 2015, Morreau has composed the music for over 20 short films as well additional music cues for the Swedish horror feature film “Jag Har Dalat” (“I Have Lost”, 2019). He is currently a music co-composer for the docuseries “Off the Cuf”, a reality series documenting interesting stories from small-town America. Off the Cuf is currently available of Amazon Prime.


As a post-sound editor, designer, and mixer, Morreau has worked on dozens of projects ranging from short films to feature films, in all manner of genres. He was the sound editor and mixer for the 8-part reality miniseries, “Caribbean Tales Incubator”, created by Caribbean Tales and Flow Distribution, and aired throughout the Caribbean area.


Morreau has won awards for Best Music and Sound Design at the 2016 TFS Festival of Films and the 2016 50-Hour Film Challenge: Toronto.


Mostly recently, Morreau is working on the musical feature film “Come Home, Charlie, Come Home” as both the sound editor/mixer and as an additional music composer. This feature film is set to be released in the later half of 2020.

News, Festival Entries, & Awards

2020 - "Come Home, Charlie, Come Home" - Feature Film - Sound Editor/Mixer, Additional Music Composer

  • Currently in Post-Production

2019-2020 - "Off the Cuf, Ep. 6-8" - Reality Miniseries - Music Co-Composer

  • Distributed on Amazon Prime

2019 - "Short Stay" - Short Film - Music Composer

  • Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Film Festival – Award of Merit

2019 - "Jag Har Dalat" (Swe) - "I Have Lost" - Feature Film - Music Composer

  • Distributed in Scandinavia and parts of Western Europe

2019 - "La Professoressa" - Short Film - Sound Editor/Mixer

  • Italian Contemporary Film Festival

2018 - "Mors Lilla Olle" (Swe) - "Mother's Little Olle" - Short Film - Music Composer, Sound Editor/Mixer

  • Hrizantema International Fantasy and Horror Film Festival, Barcelona International LGBT Festival, 36th Reeling: Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, 7th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival

2018 - "Hubot" - Short Film - Music Composer

  • La Underground Film Forum (LAUF): Best Comedy, Dublin International Short Film & Music Festival, Muscatine Independent Film Festival

2018 - "Left Behind" - Short Film - Music Composer

  • Delhi International Film Festival

2017 - "Caribbean Tales Incubator" - Reality Miniseries - Sound Editor/Mixer

  • Produced by Caribbean Tales and Distributed by Flow Distribution

2017 - "Bicyclist" - Short Film - Music Composer, Production Sound Mixer

  • Winnipeg Reel to Real Film Festival: 2nd Place, Toronto Short Film Festival


2016 - "Technically Love" - Short Film - Music Composer, Sound Editor/Mixer

  • TFS Film Festival Best Music & Sound Design


2016 - "Dinner Date" - Short Film - Music Composer, Sound Editor/Mixer, Production Sound Mixer

  • 50 Hour Film Challenge: Best Sound


2016 - "Still Me" - Short Film - Music Composer, Sound Editor/Mixer

  • Canadian Diversity Film Festival, LA Independent Film Festival, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, City Flix International Film Festival

2016 - "David Barnes" - Short Film - Sound Editor/Mixer, Production Sound Recordist

  • 2nd Asia International Youth Short-Film Exposition, Post-Mortem International Horror Film Festival, Bizarre Short-Film Festival

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